About WordPress deployments

Exporting your WordPress site as static ZIP

If you already have a WordPress site ready to go, but you’re not sure how exactly to export it, read our guide here.

Database dependent Plugins / Themes

If your site has a lot of user-engaged features, such as an LMS or a Membership site, then going Static may not be for you. 

Make sure your forms are Static Ready

Certain Plugins, such as Caldera forms, depend on interactions with the MySQL database in order to work. You should replace these forms with ones that don’t rely on that, before generating a static version of your site. 

We recommend: Contact Form 7

Blogs / Frequent Updates

quickDash does enable you to post frequent updates to your static site while still using the WordPress dashboard, you just need to have a staging environment set up where you work on your WordPress site, then export every time you want to publish.

If you’re unsure how to setup a staging environment, you can use our migration service, if you’re on a monthly plan. We’ll also make sure your site is Static Ready!

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