Deploy Static Sites to your Firebase Hosting account.

Including WordPress!

Step 1: Link Your Firebase

You can use an existing Firebase project or create a new one, which is free. Then just follow our easy steps to link your Firebase and quickDash accounts.

Step 2: Upload Site ZIP

Once your accounts are linked, you simply upload your site as a zip into your quickDash project. We also have steps for exporting WordPress sites in the correct zip format.

Step 3: Deploy!

The moment your site zip is uploaded, we handle all the necessary building and deployment work. So you just sit back for a minute, and we do the deployment for you.

Why go Static?


One of the most obvious advantages is speed, a static HTML is just faster, due to not having to be connected to a backend database such as MySQL, like most WordPress sites.

There are just HTML files to serve up. You can still mess it up by displaying giant uncompressed images, of course. So don’t do that.

What’s more, you get your site deployed to a global CDN network just by deploying to your Firebase Hosting account.


Since there’s no backend to hack, your site is much, much safer than the vast majority of WordPress sites out there. Without you having to do anything else, really.

And since QuickDash deploys to your Firebase Hosting account, you get the added benefit of being on Google Cloud’s extremely robust cloud.

Did I mention you get Free SSL? For ever? (Unless they change that, which is unlikely)

Why use my own Firebase Account?

Low Costs (Free in most cases)

Since Firebase Hosting has an amazing Free Tier, the vast majority of sites for small businesses and personal websites can get away with not having to pay monthly or yearly hosting fees.

Automatic Scaling

Let’s say your site explodes, and you suddenly get massive traffic. No need to worry about getting more servers, or changing hosting plans. Your hosting just scales with you. Up and down.

Free SSL!

You get a free SSL certificate immediately issued by Google for your site, with no strings attached. And it just works! Now your site will always have that green padlock.

See, I even made this icon green, breaking my styling rules, that’s how great it is.

Global CDN

Firebase hosting also deploys your site to edge servers around the world to make sure it loads fast even if your site visitor is on the other side of the planet.

Supercharge Your Site Deployment Today

Other Features (more sales copy!)

Rapid Static WordPress Deployments

Using a Static Site Generator and a staging environment, you can easily make changes and deploy to static hosting within minutes.

There are some caveats though, please read about WordPress deployments here:

Use your own domain

You can point your domain to your Firebase project, even if you’re on the free tier of Firebase Hosting.

Follow our guide below on how to do that:

Migration Service

So there are some common issues when moving a WordPress site to a static site, such as the use of certain Form Providers.

We do offer guides and recommendations on which plugin to use instead, however, we also offer a service where we will set up a staging site for you, and also change any plugins that need to be updated for it to work seamlessly.


We have special rates and support for design and marketing agencies.

If you run a design agency, please reach out to us, we can put together a special package for you to deploy unlimited sites and unlimited deployments.

Supercharge Your Site Deployment Today

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